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Can't say enough great things about the quality of Hilltop Honey Company! The Design and enlightening information on the packaging, and amazing taste of the honey are top notch. 

Kevin S.

The Beeswax Candles that smell like Honey have been incredible. It reminded my husband of his childhood scrapping out the last bit of honey out of a the drums at the commercial honey farm he worked at during his summers. These candles smell amazing and burn for a very long time, lovely! 

Mandie J.

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Fabulous golden treasure, quality and taste of Hilltop Honey far exceeded my expectations. Creative Packaging, One jar is never enough for our family! 

Bill W.

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Honeybees are a part of a larger bee community and an even larger part of the pollinator community that help flowers produce product a wide variety of fruits and vegatables that we eat every day. Next time you look at almonds, oranges, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, and so much more, you can thank the work of the honeybees. While honeybees aren't the only pollinator that deserves the attention they are the only insect that makes something edible, honey! Check out unbee-lievable articles about everything related to the Honeybee.

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