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Our passion for Honeybees started with a ride on a golf cart through a friend's apiary in Piedmont, South Carolina on a sunny afternoon. We got the buzz and soon had our own hive. Our passion expanded with every season. Learning more about Honeybees and their role in the ecosystem. It wasn't long before we were looking for other ways to help people connect deeper with nature and find different ways to bring the wonders of nature to your daily routines with handcrafted and honeybee inspired products. It started with bottling our jars of raw, delicious honey and it soon grew into crafting beeswax candles. As we have grown our bee business, we have been able to find other ways to bring more bee inspired products. Beeswax and honey soaps in addition to other daily use products that everyone could love and appreciate. We have our signature brands with products made by our own honeybees.

We offer handcrafted and honeybee inspired products in partnership with other small business, woman owned businesses, & veteran owned businesses. This is part of our passion to support other small businesses through product partnerships. These partnerships provide even more incredible honeybee inspired products to our customers. Our goal is to make it A PLACE FOR SWEET FINDS.

Each sales helps our apiary grow and allows us to continue to find homes for honeybees that take up residences in highly trafficked residential areas. It also allows us to continue to plant more native and indigenous trees and plants to increase the food sources for our pollinator communities.

Company Timeline

Purchased First Hobby Beehive


Hilltop Honey Company is Founded


Queen Bee Luxury Soap Company is Founded


Signed a Distribution Agreement to bring even more Products


Relocated to Central




Started increasing hives and investing in new equipment to support a larger number of beehives


Donate Supplies to support new Appalachian Beekeeper in rural Eastern Kentucky


Launched Hive & Honeybee website


Featured on QVC & HSN, Part of the Small Business Spotlight for Veteran Owned Businesses

Company Mission

At Hive & Honeybee, we believe in bringing people and honeybees closer together. 

Company Vision

Hive & Honeybee is an online retailer that sources honeybee inspired products and handcrafted premium goods using sustainable ingredients from the beehive. We have partnered with Other Beekeepers, Woman Owned Businesses, Veteran Owned Businesses & other Small Businesses to provide amazing honeybee inspired products to our customers. Sales from this site go toward a continued investment in sustainable beekeeping and to planting native trees and plants that support all pollinators. Together we can support the art of skilled hand crafters, increase the pollinator friendly ecosystem, and make a buzzing future. 

Meet The Team

Timothy A. Shirey Congressional Panel

Timothy A. Shirey

A Marine Corps Veteran & Beekeeper with a passion for bringing renewable products from the Honeybees for daily enjoyment.
Leah J. Shirey Showcasing Poured Soap

Leah J. Shirey

Incredibly creative, crafty and naturally has tons of nifty ideas. A perfectionist with a passion and place to put it. She can't wait to bring you new honeybee products and decor. 
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