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Honeybee inspired product FAQ's

  • Are Beeswax & Honey Soaps vegan?
    Beeswax & Honey are natural product that are produced by honeybees, which means that any product with beeswax & Honey is not vegan.
  • Why do you add Beeswax to soap?
    Beeswax is benefitial because it comes from our own beehives, so it sustainable and helps reduce any waste during honey extraction. Beeswax also increases the hardness of the soap bars so that it last longer in additional to having other skins benefits. These include creating a protective layer on the skin, beeswax is also a humectant which means it attracts water which also helps the skin sty hydrated. Beeswax ais also a natural exfoliate, ideal for encourgaing the replacement of new, fresh skin cells.
  • Why do you add Honey to soap?
    Honey added during the soap making process helps increase the size of the bubbles, so that you can enjoy larger and fluffier bubbles when you use the soaps. It is a natural sustainable ingredient that we use instead of a synthetic chemical to ensure that your skin only gets cleaned with ingredients from nature.
  • What is the average burn time of Beeswax candles?
    Our beeswax candles have a very long burn time because it is a very hard wax. This means that you are going to see more than 60-80 hours of burn time which is well above a normal 10.5 oz candle commonly seen in stores that usally provides 25-35 hours of burn time when made with soy or other candle waxes.
  • What else is added to the Beeswax candles?
    We add a small amount of raw, unrefined organic coconut oil to each candle during the process. This ensures the beeswax candle burns evenly and consistently. It also ensures that Essential Oils or Premium, Vegtable Based Fragrance Oils are retained throughout the candle burning experience to ensure the scented candle you selected produces an even aroma and clean fragrance in your living room, home office or whever you need a little nontoxic boost.
  • Is your Honey Raw?
    We do not filter, heat, or process our honey collected from our beehives. It is extracted by hand and passes through a double strainer to ensure that you get pure, raw delicous honey without anything that shouldn't bee in the your bottle.
  • What are the small particles suspended in my Honey?
    Since we extract and send your honey through a double strainer, you may notice small pieces of pollen. Pollen comes in as many colors as you can image. This is an additional benefit of raw honey, helping your body respond positively to pollen that typically worsens peoples allergies.
  • Why does each jar of Honey taste different?
    Hilltop Honey does not blend honey, this ensures that when honey is extracted from one hive or a collection of hives in one location, each jar of honey is an insight and the experience of what a beekeeper would get to taste because no two locations produce the same flavor. Apiary's that are close to each will taste similar and often times there is a difference between two hvies next to each other. Hilltop Honey is commited to bringing you the most real honey experience with each jar.
  • What is Sourwood Honey?
    Hilltop Honey moved their honeybees to a wooded area in the Mountains of Western North Carolina for 6 weeks in the summer to make sourwood honey. Sourwood is a gourmet tasting honey that is a little more runny that normal honey but is one of the best tasting honeys. It has a distinct and light honey flavor that starts out like buttery caramel and the end has a spicy twang like gingerbread. It is only made on the East Coast in just one area that crosses a section of 4 states.
  • What is Appalachian Honey?
    Hilltop Honey has a sister company in rural Eastern Kentucky where they take some honeybees over the summer to make honey from an untamed forested area. This provides a different honey flavor taste and has helped us invest in the Appalachian Beekeeping Tradition to ensure other generations continue to keep honeybees. There is a large amount of unique nectar sources in the area that create a great flavor such as: Black Locust, Basswood, Tulip Poplar, Sourwood, Serviceberry, Red Maple, Blackgum, Cherry paw-paw, edlerberry, blackberry, wild rose, redbud and more. The taste also changed each season.
  • What is a honeybee inspired product?
    This is any product like honey. It can also bee anything you find in a beehive or related to the honeybees. An example of this would be golden honeycomb earrings or a screen print t-shirt of flowers.
  • How do you support small businesses?
    First, we are a small business. Additionally we partner with other small businesses to bring even more honeybee inspired products to our customers.
  • How do you support Women Owned Businesses?
    First, we are a Womand Owned Business. Additionally we partner with other Women Owned Business to bring even more honeybee inspired products to our customers.
  • How do you support Veteran Owned Businesses?
    First, we are a veteran owned business. In addition, we partner with other veteran owned business to bring even more incredible honeybee inspired products to our customers.
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