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All About Raspberry Blossom Honey

Raspberries are a shrub belonging to the Rosaceae family, in the genus Rubus. Not only are raspberries perfect for picking and fresh eating, they’re also wonderful in jams, pies and tarts, or smoothies. While fresh raspberries are an excellent source of vitamin-C, they make delicious honey.

Raspberry Plant with Ripe Red Raspberries
Raspberry Plant with Ripe Red Raspberries


There are two types of raspberries, both with their own specific requirements for growing:

  1. Summer-fruiting raspberries are more common, developing their fruit on last year’s growth. They bear one crop per season, in summertime (often June or July).

  2. Ever-bearing raspberries (also called fall-bearing or autumn-bearing) produce berries on new canes. they bear a fall crop and can also produce fruit the following summer.

All raspberries are self-fertile, so you only need one bush to produce fruit. But they have significantly better yields when pollinated by bees. Raspberry plants are a source of pollen and nectar for pollinators.

Up Close Shot of Red Raspberries
Up Close Shot of Red Raspberries


In the cool, marine climate of the Pacific Northwest, Washington produces approximately 90% of the nation's frozen red raspberry crop. By freezing raspberries within hours of being picked at the peak of ripeness, Washington raspberry producers preserve the fruit's integrity, flavor and nutritional value, so you can enjoy this delicious and nutritious fruit year-round. The Washington Red Raspberry Commission (WRRC), funded by Washington red raspberry growers, supports and promotes the industry.

The Washington Red Raspberry Commission (WRRC) was formed in 1976 to support and promote the raspberry industry. The Commission operates programs that facilitate cultural and harvesting improvements, as well as regulates unfair trade practices within the industry. Also, the Commission establishes promotion plans and conducts programs for advertising, sales, promotion, and/or other programs for maintaining present markets and/or creating new or larger markets for raspberries, and it provides for research in the production and processing of raspberries.

There are over 40 different suppliers of red raspberry products who comprise the Washington Red Raspberry Commission. Each company is committed to growing, harvesting and processing the highest quality berries in the world, and meeting the most stringent quality standards on the planet. These growers and processors are spread throughout southern Canada, the western part of Washington state and northern Oregon.


The Raspberry Blossom Honey is produced by the bees from the flowering canes of red raspberries. It is one of our finest luscious honey; sweet and mild with a surprisingly pleasing delicate hint of raspberry. This is one of our berry favorites, our raspberry blossom honey comes to us by way of Washington State, home of the largest raspberry field in the country. Busy bees spend early summer pollinating the sweet raspberry bush blossoms to give us this gorgeous, golden-amber monofloral honey.



The Raspberry Blossom Honey is mellow with smooth raspberry finish. Try with champagne, chocolate, or different kinds of fruit! This makes a great addition to soft cheese like Brie on your next cheese or charcuterie board. It also works well drizzled over oatmeal and even added to hot tea to infuse a subtle raspberry flavor. Even drizzled over fresh churned vanilla ice cream or plain greek yogurt.

Comment below if you find something amazing that we didn't think to mention!

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