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Bee Sweet Charcuterie: Brining Sweet Things to Charcuterie

Updated: Mar 2

At Bee Sweet Charcuterie it is all about delectable pairings of meats, cheeses, wine, ciders and honey that will make any party or get together exceptional.

Here we love food, family and friends! My goal is to bring people together and feed them well. My name is Leah, a Family Nurse Practitioner by day and co-owner, with my husband, of Hive and Honeybee by night. We specialize in artisan honeys and I love to use those to elevate my charcuterie boards and feed the people I love. We call Crozet, VA home - fantastic wineries and cideries here....just sayin'! We have 3 dogs and of course honeybees.

When my husband started Hive & Honeybee, we did not realize just how many varieties of honey there really were out there. As Hive & Honeybee created so many great partnerships, we discovered so many tasty honey varieties from around the globe and then the question for us, was how do we enjoy all of these? What do they go with? How do you pair flavors for an amazing flavor experience that is truly paying homage to the honeybee?

That was the mission, eat every type of honey, every variety, and every infused honey and find out what it goes with and how it creates an incredibly sweet charcuterie board that accentuates the bold cheese, pairs with specific wines and ciders. This food blog provides an exciting journey through histories of cheeses, feature specific honey varieties and how to find amazing charcuterie boards from your local grocery store.


To learn more stop by and check us out at Bee Sweet

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