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Hive & Honeybee On Small Business Spotlight, Featured on QVC & HSN in May 2021

Updated: Mar 2

Hive & Honeybee was selected for the Small Business Spotlight, a National Retail Federation Foundation Partnership with the Qurate Group. The Qurate Group owns QVC, the Home Shopping Network and Zulily which all featured Hive & Honeybee on My 25th as a Veteran Owned Business.

The Qurate Group & NRF's program to support Small Businesses each month, the Month of May was for Veteran Owned Businesses
Small Business Spotlight Veteran Owned Business

May 25th On Air

Hive & Honeybee was all set the morning of May 25th, QVC & HSN had completed sound test and evaluated the lighting the week prior. This was our teams time to showcase what Hive & Honeybee was all about to these viewers and convince them we had great products and were a small business that was worth supporting.

Hive & Honeybee on QVC with Host

The host was great! She asked questions about how we started, what we were about and what are some of our besting selling products. We discussed how it all started with a golf cart ride in the middle of over 30 beehives in nothing but shorts and a t-shirt and I was hooked. We also discussed how we set out to infused the honeybee and the ecosystem into our customers daily routine with products like Honey Face Masks, Beeswax Body Butters, Honey Infused Bath Salts, and more. We also pointed out that we carry a number of infused honey with things like bourbon, rum, lavender, Mexican Vanilla and so much more. Our best selling products are definitely our Beeswax Emulsified Sugar Scrubs and Whipped Beeswax Body Butters, which are free of preservatives. It went by so quick. Seconds after the special concluded, we had a flood of people visiting our website to learn more About Us.

Small Business Spotlight In Partnership with NRF Foundation

Leading Up To May 25th

The team at the Qurate Group & National Retail Federation were awesome to work with and made the amount of prep required happen seamlessly. We had teams separate teams from both QVC and HSN that ensured that we got the support we needed to ensure success during our feature. They helped us launch and send out our first press release to our local media outlets and provided social media kits to communicate to our community of followers that we were going to be appearing on QVC and HSN in the month of May as a Veteran Owned Business.

Hive & Honeybee On Air with host of HSN

What Happened Afterwards?

Following the 9pm segment on QVC, the viewers just flooded our website. Hive & Honeybee had over 600 visitors in the span of a few minutes! It was more traffic then our website had seen since we launched in the span of several hours following the the last segment on HSN at 11pm that night. We had over 500 people sign up for our newsletter, The Hive so they can keep up with the Buzz! We had well over a 100 orders over the next several days from the viewers that saw our segments on both QVC and HSN. We continue to have repeat customers come back for more amazing products we have added.

This is the Small Business Spotlight Branded Banner Image featuring Veteran Owned Businesses

To learn more about Hive & Honeybee or see the segment recording, please visit our About Us page or check out our growing small business Shop.

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