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The Secret To A Great Cheese Is Honey

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

How different varieties of honey can bring out different flavors of cheeses, making irresistible flavors and a charcuterie party to remember.

Preparing a large Charcuterie Board for a Dinner Party

Different varieties of honey turn an average cheese or charcuterie board into an extraordinary experience that is un-bee-livable! While different artisan cheeses are easily found but finding different and extraordinary honey is much harder to find. There are actually hundreds of varieties of honey, everything from raw wildflower to blackberry to tupelo and so many more!

Blue cheese tastes especially delicious with subtly flavored honeys such as Raw Alfalfa and High Desert Wildflower, blame it on the piquancy of the cheese and the mild sweetness of the honey. Don't be afraid to experiment with bold blues, as subtle honeys have a way of cutting spice and sharpness, this Orange Blossom Honey is sure to create a delightful twist on a bold cheese.

Nutty cheese like Parmigiano-Reggiano and alpine cheeses such as gruyere and comte pair well with flavor-rich varieties such as South Carolina Foothills Wildflower Honey and Avocado Blossom Honey. When pairing these firm cheeses, there's no need for bread or crackers -- just break off a piece, add a dribble of the sweet stuff, and eat with your hands!

Creamy cheeses such as goat cheese, brie, and camembert taste delicious when supplemented with a Hibiscus Whipped Raw Honey or Blueberry Blossom Honey or Raw Blackberry Honey. Add honeycomb to create something extra special, the structure and still spreadable on top of different cheeses.

Taking your next cheese board up a notch, consider some surprising additions to any cheeses. Gorgeous wildflower honey from Napa Valley plus authentic black truffle

and toasty brown butter make this unique honey truly unforgettable and great for a wide variety of cheeses. The Macadamia Nut Blossom Honey produces a floral and nutty honey with a dark amber color and smooth liquid texture. Pour this rich and velvety honey over soft cheeses. There are also a series of bourbon infused honey varieties to consider for ahead of the next cheese board or charcuterie party.

The next time a the wine club meets, bring a jar of honey - everyone will thank you and it will be an un-bee-livable flavor experience. For the widest variety of raw and infused honey from around the globe, be sure to check out our shop.

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