What is The Drone Club?

Updated: Aug 31

Figure 1: Gentlemen's Haircut at a Barbershop


What is a Drone?

A Drone is a male honeybee. They are almost never seen by most people. This is because drones don't do any work for the actual bee colony. While the worker bee, an unfertilized female honeybee, is sleek and aerodynamic because the quickly zoom from one flower to another collecting pollen and nectar, the Drone never developed a sleek shape. They also don't sound the same. A worker bee has the fast and intense buzz like a well-tuned sports car and the Drone, well it sounds like a Mack Truck bumbling down the highway. Large, loud, and slightly awkward. The Drone is a like a flying whiskey barrel with a flight path is never straight and purposeful. It is more like that whiskey barrel bee is drunk. Very erratic and unstable. Those large back legs also dangle as they fly which only serves to accentuate their unstable looking flight. So, what do Drones do in the hive? Nothing, well that isn't entirely true. They mostly just lounge around eating honey and then every afternoon around 2pm they get together and go hang out in with a bunch of other Drones in the heat of the day for a couple of hours.

Figure 2: Alex Wild Photograph of a Drone Honeybee


The Drone Congregation Area

Also known as The Drone Club. This give them an opportunity to find a virgin queen bee that is ready to be courted. This opportunity will be the antithesis of their existence which will also serve as the pinnacle and the lead to their immediate death. When Drones mate with a virgin queen bee, their penis explodes after they have mated 7 to 10 times with that virgin queen bee. Don't worry, there are Drones waiting behind him ready for their shot with this same virgin queen. On average the virgin queen will mate with a dozen or more Drones before she returns to the bee hive to live the rest of her long-life laying eggs to ensure the colonies survival with new bees being born every 21 days.

Figure 3: Drone Mating with Queen Honeybee


The Inspiration for Gentlmen Products

In a passion to bring everyone closer to the ecosystem through Honeybees, we started a product line of Honeybee Inspired Products for Gentlemen. The Drone Club started with Premium Beard Oil, because I was personally growing a beard at the time and because we discovered that most of the ingredients we already used in our handcrafted Beeswax & Raw Honey Soaps. We soon looked beyond that to bring other beeswax and raw honey products to The Drone Club product line. We look forward to releasing Beeswax Beard Balm and Beeswax Beard Butter in the next couple of months.

The Beekeepers Corner

Every year with the cooler temperatures arriving in late fall, the first cold snaps usally leads the worker bees to evict the Drones, to ensure they don't eat the honey stores required for the colony to make it through winter. This eviction is something beekeeper witness checking on the hives. The worker bees will kick the Drones out and the guard bees don't let them back in the hive. This action seals their fate and their unfortunate death. It is necessary for the survival of the colony. The colony isn't making new queens, so the need to have mates doesn't exist.

Drone also don't have stingers so you can just reach in and pick them up with your bear fingers, most beekeepers practise picking up Drones because inevitably you will need to safely handle a Queen Bee at some point in the season.

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